An AI-driven data science consultancy.

Our goal is to extract the value out of data.
We are a full-stack data science consultancy in the age of artificial intelligence.

Our services.

AI / ML Management

We harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for you. We have the expertise to build models and algorithms to be used in several applications that will help your business grow.

Data Engineering

Data are large and voluminous. We have the expertise to collect, process, transform, store and manage your data. We have efficiency in mind as we use the tools right for you.

Intelligence and Visualization

We enable your business understand what is happening and gain insights with storytelling. We help tell data stories using BI and web development tools.


Companies are overwhelmed with data and with new technologies (hint hint: generative AI), updates are fast and furious. We are here to provide a strategic data roadmap for your company to harness your information and enhance your business.

The Starfish.

Starfish have eyes and nerves that coordinate intelligence as a whole.

At Starfish Labs, we pride ourselves with prioritizing the interconnectivity of data within a full system to enhance your business holistically.

We bring in technical know-how and a passion for data to solve your problems with the big picture in mind.




We work with the best technology for your needs. We use solutions and apply the right ones for your business. Here are some of the technologies we work with:

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